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Limu Supplementation

Limu is simply a health drink that contains fucoidan. Fucoidan is a nutrient that’s present in brown seaweed. It boasts anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. This is according to the creators of the juice, LIMU Company.

The Tongans of the South Pacific have treasured Limu for over 3000 years. Some of the benefits the juice takes pride in are attributable to its complex carbohydrates by the name polysaccharides coupled with its rich array of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and glyconutrients. Fucoidan is the most popular and exciting of them all. That’s why people consider it important to drink nutrient-rich Limu every day. Over 650 research studies across the world have cited Fucoidan.

Drinking Limu brings with it an array of benefits. They include the following:

Allergy Relief

Limu juice can help alleviate cases of allergies. Fucoidan might lessen allergic reaction through the stimulation of interleukin 12 as well as interferon-fA production. The two are the proteins that suppress lgE production. High lgE levels cause nasal inflammation, wheezing and sneezing. Fucoidan also features anti-inflammatory properties that can also assist in bringing down skin disorders and allergies discomfort.


Drinking Limu juice reduces hypersensitivity. The antioxidants (polyphenois and amino acids) contained in the juice boast the ability to bind to the heavy metals present in the urinary tract thus preventing any kind of build up inside the bloodstream. Experts have linked heavy metals to hyperactivity and learning disorders in children. Every day people are buying vitamins online to treat these symptoms, however often times they don’t work out. Limu isn’t a guaranteed cure (we’re not making any claim that it will cure anything), however it’s definitely healthy!

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Control

Limu juice lowers cholesterol. According to the Journal of Nutrition, fucoidan alters the activities of liver enzymes, which are known to control the manner in which fatty acids are metabolized thus resulting to lower cholesterol levels within your blood. It is also known to improve blood pressure.

Helps to Solve Gastrointestinal Issues

By sipping some Limu juice, you can benefit from improved GI function. According to studies, consistent fucoidan supplementation indicated improved functioning of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Taking this juice can also result to occurrence of ulcers. Other benefits of the juice in this regard include reduces indigestion, helps with colon diseases, alleviates constipation and relieves peritonitis.

Improves Nail, Skin and Hair Health

Limu juice assists in skin repair. According to Japanese scientists, fucoidan is great at boosting the production of integrin protein that helps in skin repair. The juice is also believed to assist in wound healing through the contraction of collagen gel thus boosting healing. Proponents of the juice opine that it speeds up the healing of the skin. It does this through shortening the skin cell replacement cycle hence causing the skin to develop wrinkles more slowly as well as causing the skin to heal much faster.

Optimizes your Health

The chemical composition of fucoidan nearly resembles the human breast thus making it nature’s perfect food. It is also perfect for resisting flu and colds. The juice contains high vitamin c levels. You can strengthen your immune system by taking Limu juice. It stimulates the production of important immune cells thus helping your body to battle against parasites, fungi, viruses, and bacteria.


Drinking Limu juice brings with it an array of benefits. There is no doubt about that. The above are just some of the benefits. You can check out more info at or through online search. Many other benefits surely exist.

Great Turnout for Hearing Aids Charity Drive

Last time we posted about our hearing aid Charity Drive in Tampa. It was a huge success and we’re very excited to share with you results. This rally was for people to recycle their hearing aids that they don’t need any more. This is a great way to help seniors and other people to have access to hearing aids. They otherwise could not afford them.

Hearing aids can be very expensive and while they are generally tailored to fit individual people, they are sometimes interchangeable. We’re very proud of our students and their families generosity. We appreciate them coming out and supporting our drive for Tampa hearing aids.

Deafness is More Common Than You Think

Helping the deaf and hearing disabled has long been a passion of mine as many people do not know the extent of deafness in America. Deafness is a serious disability that has varying degrees. It not only affects older people but also even children. We posted a video before about a child that was unable to hear what was able to hear the sound of his mother’s voice thanks to a new hearing aid. To see his face light up when he could hear his mother’s voice was truly a treasure.

Many people think of senior citizens and older ones when they think of hearing aids but as you can see that is simply not the case. Hearing aids help a variety of people both young and old. Younger people can suffer from deafness simply from a congenital disease or any kind of trauma to the eardrum.

SOAADS Hearing Aid Help

If you would like to know more information about then please visit their blogspot and the SOAADS Hearing Aids Facebook page . SOAADS is a well-known organization that helps people find hearing aids in their local area. They have offices in Tampa and San Diego and many other major cities all throughout the United States.

Finding an audiologist or ENT can be difficult to do on your own so this service has been of great benefit to the people that it serves. We want to think again everyone for coming out to our Hearing Aid charity drive. If you have any questions or would like to know more information about our schools charities or SOAADS, please leave a comment below.

Search Engine Optimization Summer Business

Hello, and welcome to blog. We are interrupting your summer break to bring you some latest news as to what some of our students have been up to. While some students have been lounging around the pool or hanging out at the mall, some of our students have been hard at work building their own businesses. We wanted to highlight some of the efforts of some of our students have made to do good work and provide value to others over the summer.


Search Engine Optimization

We’ve previously posted about Helmut Hampton SEO, one of our students who started an SEO business in Tampa. He’s helping lots of people by helping local businesses be found in their local searches with SEO Tampa. Today, we are going to look a little bit more about what makes good search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is how businesses get found by people who need their services online. Usually, when you need to buy something or hire someone to do a job you go online. Most people, the first place they go to is Google. It’s so common now that it has practically become a verb. You Google something. It’s just how you look something up to find out more information about it.

How SEO Works

If you are looking for a particular service, like when your AC breaks. Then you will generally go into Google and look up for air conditioning repair. When your air conditioner doesn’t work, you’re usually in a hurry. So you will likely take one of the top result there an AC repair company is going to get your business. Search engine optimization is how that business got listed there.

search engine optimizationThere are lots of other companies that do the same thing, but that business that was at the top of Google is the one that will get the most customers because they are at the top of the search results. This is what Helmut Hampton SEO does. If we take a closer look at the business, we can see how he is helping lots of people and we are very happy to see our students doing something productive over the summer. Search engine optimization provides loss of value to people and help them grow their businesses in ways that they otherwise could not. By tapping into online traffic, local businesses can expand their business and customer base.

If you would like more information about how search engine optimization works or the nature of SEO, you can visit Helmut Hampton SEO WordPress at one of his social profiles or take a look at his website. That is all for now, we hope you’re enjoying your summer break and continue to relax and refresh. We look forward to seeing you back at school again in the fall.

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Kpop Themed Prom – Wear Your Favorite Korean Clothing, Brands, and Outfits

Well, it’s been awhile! But, we are back. We are just getting ready for our summer vacation here at, and we are very excited to give our final farewell to our seniors who are graduating this year. We’re happy to announce that we’re going to have a Korean Fashion themed prom to celebrate the end of the school year. A lot of our students are into Korean clothing so we decided to give the students what they want!

Learn Korean

The Kpop craze has taken over our school and we love to see our students not only enjoying the Korean entertainment, but also expanding their minds by learning more about the language and culture. Our most popular language class is now Korean. Our students are more interested in learning Korean so that they can understand Kpop better. Also a lot of our students like to watch Korean dramas and you are able to get a lot more out of the drama from knowing what is actually being sad and not solely relying on the subtitles.

There are a variety of resources that are students have also look to help supplement their Korean language learning. For more resources you can click below.

Korean Fashion

We decided to make this year’s prom Korean themed so that our students can expressed their interest in other cultures. So, be ready to dress up in your favorite Kpop fashion, or your favorite Stars Korean airport fashion. Fashion is a huge part of the Korean entertainment industry and we are excited to Dive Right In. If you need help finding examples of what you can wear for Korean style clothes and fashion, feel free to check out this link to see more. There, you can see Korean dresses, Korean outfits, and where to buy Korean fashion online. Our students have recommended this website to explore Korean outfits and find out more about what you can wear if you are not already into the Kpop fashion wave.

Students Learning Korean

Want to learn Korean but don’t really don’t know where to begin? As you may have seen our Korean club is becoming very popular. A lot of our students are learning Korean and are sharing it with her friends.

It seems like ever since Gangnam Style, Korean entertainment has been all the rage. Korean entertainment is not just Kpop, though. There are television shows, fashion shows, soap operas, and pretty much every other kind of entertainment you can imagine. You see, Korea is actually kind of the unofficial entertainment capital of Eastern Asia. Korean entertainment, especially BTS shows, are extremely popular in Japan, Taiwan, China, and many other Eastern Asian countries. The Korean entertainment industry has, in fact, revolutionized the Korean economy.

All throughout the eighties and nineties, Korean stars have been a driving force in South Korea’s economic development and success. Its entertainment industry has placed it as a global competitor with other world entertainment markets. Many K-pop stars are now touring, not only in Asia, but also in South America and parts of Europe. Thanks to the internet, a song like Gangnam Style has been able to spread virally all across the internet. 20 years ago, this was simply would have been possible. But now, thanks to the internet, trends can spread like wildfire all across the globe.

Thanks to this, great entertainment and BTS merchandise has been booming all over the world. As a result a lot of people, including our students, are enjoying watching Korean television shows. This has piqued their curiosity and interest in the Korean language learning.

The Korean language it’s actually very interesting. The Hangul writing itself is designed to be very simple and easy to learn. The language is also highly contextual making it easier to learn for beginners. Much more of the meaning is placed on the contextual situation, not so much the specific words to in the sentence. For example, in English you might say “I am hungry”. Notice that you have to specify “I”, the fact that “I am in a certain condition” and that condition is “being hungry”. We are certainly used to speaking in this way because it’s how we grew up, but it is there are a lot of ways to mess up the sentence structure and it’s actually really complicated to learn if you are not used to it. Unlike Hangul, English is actually a pretty hard language to learn for foreigners who like the Bangtan Boys (BTS) because there’s so many ways to say everything. And, the words themselves carry the burden of conveying the meaning. Conversely, in Korean the situation is more telling of the meaning. As in the previous example of “I am hungry”: in Korean you would just say “hungry” plus a modifier indicating it’s you who is hungry, and that’s it. Or you could even just say “hungry” and it would be implied that you are the one that is hungry.

korean language

Because of all this the Korean language is a lot easier to learn than many other languages. Also, thanks to the growing popularity of Korean entertainment, a lot of people want to know how to speak the language. Once they learn it’s pretty easy, they are really interested in BTS and want to know more about the Korean entertainment Stars. The more they watch the shows and more than want to learn about the people and their names and what they’re like, you kind of just get drawn into learning the Korean language.

If you want to learn Korean there’s a lot of different resources online so that you can do so. Learning Korean can begin with learning the written language for posters, which is known as Hangul. Or, you can also begin to pick out certain sounds and words and start using them in everyday language. There are a large number of language learning courses online, most of them having free trials that will allow you to learn Korean. They have free trials that let you test them out and see how you like them. If you’re interested in learning Korean I recommend this website.

K-pop is becoming more and more popular in the United States. It is already been popular for a while and South America and Europe, but we’re starting to see more of here. A lot of our students like to learn the lyrics to K-pop and translate them to see what they mean in the posters. This is a great way to learn Korean because you already like the song. With the song that you like, you just are learning more about what they are saying and you end up getting more in touch with the music. You can enjoy the music whole lot more than once you know what they’re actually saying.

Hearing Aids Charity Drive

Good news, students! This weekend we will be having a charity drive to help out our senior citizens. ERHS is partnering to encourage people to donate their old hearing aids. Tampa is known for it’s kind locals and their giving spirit, so let’s make this the best charity drive ever!

Hearing Aid CHarity Drive by SOAADS and ERHS

If your parents, grandparents or any of their friends and family have a hearing aid that they don’t use anymore, why not ask them if they will donate it to a worthy cause?

Likely many of us take hearing for granted, but some people aren’t so lucky. Lots of times, hearing health gradually declines so it’s hard to notice at first. After a while, though, people notice that they couldn’t hear as well as they used to. But, thanks to them and the generous friends and family of ERHS, our generous and business-savvy students help some families in need get hearing aids so they can hear the voices of their loved ones at Weebly.

Even children born with auditory problems can benefit. See this video of a boy hearing for the first time!

We’re happy to be able to arrange and participate in the event and would love to see you there on Saturday! Be sure to tweet to your friends about it. Take care. Go Chipmunks!



Search Engine Optimization in Tampa

Sometimes it helps to get a little bit of online visibility for a local business. Some of our students have taken to online marketing and we couldn’t be happier! When it come to search engine optimization, it’s something that has to be on the cutting edge of technology. We’re so proud of our student Helmut Hampton, who has started his own Tampa SEO business!

To explain a bit about what he’s been up to, think about this. Whenever you want to buy something, or want to know something, what to do you? You Google it, right? Searching for things online is just so common these days that we don’t think anything of it. But, who decides what comes up when you search? Well, Google does, but they use an algorithm to decide what is the best content and what is just junk. Search engine optimization is basically the art of making a website as best as it can be and making it something that people actually want to go to. There is a lot of technical expertise involved, but our entrepreneurial students aren’t afraid of that!

Social Media marketing is a must to successfully do search engine optimization. For a useful list of social media websites, you can check out this Google Doc that shows a handy list of social media websites you can set up for your business: Having a strong brand presence online is important for optimizing your site and you will be glad you did it.

YouTube marketing is also an effective way to help people find the right professionals for jobs around the house. Helmut is working with business’ websites and designing them to be attractive to the search engines. This type of marketing, called SEO, is very valuable for local businesses. When someone types in “plumber Tampa” the plumbers who show up first are the ones who are likely to get that business. How do those plumbers that are at the top get to be at the top? Sometimes it’s just by accident. But, many times it is because they have hired a professional search engine marketer and they have made the site attractive to the search engines. As a result, they rank higher in the searches, get more customers, make more money, improve the local economy, etc. It’s win, win, win!

As you can see, we are very excited to support Helmut Hampton and his local business and charities in Tampa, Fl. With his continued effort we’re sure he will continue to bring great value to his clients and their customers. Click here to check out Helmut Hampton’s Tampa SEO Twitter account.

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