Staying Positive – How To Look For The Good In Life

Are you ready to alter your life in some way? You may just need to change how you think about things. Staying positive, even if things are difficult for you, often brings good results. Being positive has an effect on your health, your happiness and your success. It helps you to be confident in the fact that you can work through any problems or issues as they arise and come out stronger when it is all over.

Still, there are those that don’t really believe in positive thinking at all. These individuals think that it is silly to believe that something as simple as keeping a positive mindset could bring about good results. However, there are people for whom positive thinking has been truly beneficial.

Thinking Positively

If you want to become a positive thinker, there are a few things that you need to understand. First, while it is important to understand that positive thinking can help you, you also need to accept new ideas. This will help you stay positive as you go through life.

For instance, if you want to change careers, but you don’t think you have what it takes, you may start to feel badly about yourself. If you interview for a new position, the employer may pick up on your feelings. If you do not think you can do a task, you may not inspire confidence in others as well. This will make it difficult for you to achieve your dreams and reinforce your view that you are simply not worthy.

Make Positive Thinking Your Mission

You can reach your goals if you stay positive and picture yourself attaining success. Once you make the switch to this way of thinking, you may find your personal relationships improving, as well as your career outlook. The sky is truly the limit!

Positive quotes and video courtesy of Allen Weinstein – Entrepreneur and Author – Entrepreneur and Author

In the evening, before you settle down, prepare for the next day. When you get ready to hang out with the people that you love, make sure you give them your full attention. It is through simple steps like this that you will find that your day goes much more smoothly. Have a good attitude even if things don’t go your way and you will find that you enjoy life much more.

As things start to turn around in your life, and you are experiencing more success, you will start to glow with happiness. It won’t be long before others notice as well. In addition, people that approach their days with a positive outlook often enjoy better health than those that are negative. You’ll find that you have more confidence, your self-esteem will go up and you won’t hesitate to speak up for yourself.

Positive people are nice to be around. You have probably experienced this in your own life, when you gravitated toward someone in part because of their cheery disposition and upbeat outlook on life. You can become someone that everyone else looks up to and wants to hang out with as well. Start to make the transition today and begin focusing on the positive things in life!

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Hearing Aids Charity Drive

Good news, students! This weekend we will be having a charity drive to help out our senior citizens. ERHS is partnering to encourage people to donate their old hearing aids. Tampa is known for it’s kind locals and their giving spirit, so let’s make this the best charity drive ever!

Hearing Aid CHarity Drive by SOAADS and ERHS

If your parents, grandparents or any of their friends and family have a hearing aid that they don’t use anymore, why not ask them if they will donate it to a worthy cause?

Likely many of us take hearing for granted, but some people aren’t so lucky. Lots of times, hearing health gradually declines so it’s hard to notice at first. After a while, though, people notice that they couldn’t hear as well as they used to. But, thanks to them and the generous friends and family of ERHS, our generous and business-savvy students help some families in need get hearing aids so they can hear the voices of their loved ones at Weebly.

Even children born with auditory problems can benefit. See this video of a boy hearing for the first time!

We’re happy to be able to arrange and participate in the event and would love to see you there on Saturday! Be sure to tweet to your friends about it. Take care. Go Chipmunks!



Search Engine Optimization in Tampa

Sometimes it helps to get a little bit of online visibility for a local business. Some of our students have taken to online marketing and we couldn’t be happier! When it come to search engine optimization, it’s something that has to be on the cutting edge of technology. We’re so proud of our student Helmut Hampton, who has started his own Tampa SEO business!

To explain a bit about what he’s been up to, think about this. Whenever you want to buy something, or want to know something, what to do you? You Google it, right? Searching for things online is just so common these days that we don’t think anything of it. But, who decides what comes up when you search? Well, Google does, but they use an algorithm to decide what is the best content and what is just junk. Search engine optimization is basically the art of making a website as best as it can be and making it something that people actually want to go to. There is a lot of technical expertise involved, but our entrepreneurial students aren’t afraid of that!

Social Media marketing is a must to successfully do search engine optimization. For a useful list of social media websites, you can check out this Google Doc that shows a handy list of social media websites you can set up for your business: Having a strong brand presence online is important for optimizing your site and you will be glad you did it.

YouTube marketing is also an effective way to help people find the right professionals for jobs around the house. Helmut is working with business’ websites and designing them to be attractive to the search engines. This type of marketing, called SEO, is very valuable for local businesses. When someone types in “plumber Tampa” the plumbers who show up first are the ones who are likely to get that business. How do those plumbers that are at the top get to be at the top? Sometimes it’s just by accident. But, many times it is because they have hired a professional search engine marketer and they have made the site attractive to the search engines. As a result, they rank higher in the searches, get more customers, make more money, improve the local economy, etc. It’s win, win, win!

As you can see, we are very excited to support Helmut Hampton and his local business and charities in Tampa, Fl. With his continued effort we’re sure he will continue to bring great value to his clients and their customers. Click here to check out Helmut Hampton’s Tampa SEO Twitter account.