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Limu Supplementation

Limu is simply a health drink that contains fucoidan. Fucoidan is a nutrient that’s present in brown seaweed. It boasts anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. This is according to the creators of the juice, LIMU Company.

The Tongans of the South Pacific have treasured Limu for over 3000 years. Some of the benefits the juice takes pride in are attributable to its complex carbohydrates by the name polysaccharides coupled with its rich array of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and glyconutrients. Fucoidan is the most popular and exciting of them all. That’s why people consider it important to drink nutrient-rich Limu every day. Over 650 research studies across the world have cited Fucoidan.

Drinking Limu brings with it an array of benefits. They include the following:

Allergy Relief

Limu juice can help alleviate cases of allergies. Fucoidan might lessen allergic reaction through the stimulation of interleukin 12 as well as interferon-fA production. The two are the proteins that suppress lgE production. High lgE levels cause nasal inflammation, wheezing and sneezing. Fucoidan also features anti-inflammatory properties that can also assist in bringing down skin disorders and allergies discomfort.


Drinking Limu juice reduces hypersensitivity. The antioxidants (polyphenois and amino acids) contained in the juice boast the ability to bind to the heavy metals present in the urinary tract thus preventing any kind of build up inside the bloodstream. Experts have linked heavy metals to hyperactivity and learning disorders in children. Every day people are buying vitamins online to treat these symptoms, however often times they don’t work out. Limu isn’t a guaranteed cure (we’re not making any claim that it will cure anything), however it’s definitely healthy!

Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Control

Limu juice lowers cholesterol. According to the Journal of Nutrition, fucoidan alters the activities of liver enzymes, which are known to control the manner in which fatty acids are metabolized thus resulting to lower cholesterol levels within your blood. It is also known to improve blood pressure.

Helps to Solve Gastrointestinal Issues

By sipping some Limu juice, you can benefit from improved GI function. According to studies, consistent fucoidan supplementation indicated improved functioning of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Taking this juice can also result to occurrence of ulcers. Other benefits of the juice in this regard include reduces indigestion, helps with colon diseases, alleviates constipation and relieves peritonitis.

Improves Nail, Skin and Hair Health

Limu juice assists in skin repair. According to Japanese scientists, fucoidan is great at boosting the production of integrin protein that helps in skin repair. The juice is also believed to assist in wound healing through the contraction of collagen gel thus boosting healing. Proponents of the juice opine that it speeds up the healing of the skin. It does this through shortening the skin cell replacement cycle hence causing the skin to develop wrinkles more slowly as well as causing the skin to heal much faster.

Optimizes your Health

The chemical composition of fucoidan nearly resembles the human breast thus making it nature’s perfect food. It is also perfect for resisting flu and colds. The juice contains high vitamin c levels. You can strengthen your immune system by taking Limu juice. It stimulates the production of important immune cells thus helping your body to battle against parasites, fungi, viruses, and bacteria.


Drinking Limu juice brings with it an array of benefits. There is no doubt about that. The above are just some of the benefits. You can check out more info at or through online search. Many other benefits surely exist.

Hearing Aids Charity Drive

Good news, students! This weekend we will be having a charity drive to help out our senior citizens. ERHS is partnering to encourage people to donate their old hearing aids. Tampa is known for it’s kind locals and their giving spirit, so let’s make this the best charity drive ever!

Hearing Aid CHarity Drive by SOAADS and ERHS

If your parents, grandparents or any of their friends and family have a hearing aid that they don’t use anymore, why not ask them if they will donate it to a worthy cause?

Likely many of us take hearing for granted, but some people aren’t so lucky. Lots of times, hearing health gradually declines so it’s hard to notice at first. After a while, though, people notice that they couldn’t hear as well as they used to. But, thanks to them and the generous friends and family of ERHS, our generous and business-savvy students help some families in need get hearing aids so they can hear the voices of their loved ones at Weebly.

Even children born with auditory problems can benefit. See this video of a boy hearing for the first time!

We’re happy to be able to arrange and participate in the event and would love to see you there on Saturday! Be sure to tweet to your friends about it. Take care. Go Chipmunks!