Great Turnout for Hearing Aids Charity Drive

Last time we posted about our hearing aid Charity Drive in Tampa. It was a huge success and we’re very excited to share with you results. This rally was for people to recycle their hearing aids that they don’t need any more. This is a great way to help seniors and other people to have access to hearing aids. They otherwise could not afford them.

Hearing aids can be very expensive and while they are generally tailored to fit individual people, they are sometimes interchangeable. We’re very proud of our students and their families generosity. We appreciate them coming out and supporting our drive for Tampa hearing aids.
Deafness is More Common Than You Think

Helping the deaf and hearing disabled has long been a passion of mine as many people do not know the extent of deafness in America. Deafness is a serious disability that has varying degrees. It not only affects older people but also even children. We posted a video before about a child that was unable to hear what was able to hear the sound of his mother’s voice thanks to a new hearing aid. To see his face light up when he could hear his mother’s voice was truly a treasure.

Many people think of senior citizens and older ones when they think of hearing aids but as you can see that is simply not the case. Hearing aids help a variety of people both young and old. Younger people can suffer from deafness simply from a congenital disease or any kind of trauma to the eardrum.
SOAADS Hearing Aid Help

If you would like to know more information about then please visit their blogspot and the SOAADS Hearing Aids Facebook page . SOAADS is a well-known organization that helps people find hearing aids in their local area. They have offices in Tampa and San Diego and many other major cities all throughout the United States.

Finding an audiologist or ENT can be difficult to do on your own so this service has been of great benefit to the people that it serves. We want to think again everyone for coming out to our Hearing Aid charity drive. If you have any questions or would like to know more information about our schools charities or SOAADS, please leave a comment below.

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